Your customers demand a higher level of performance on the services which you provide. To be able to get to this higher level you have to demand the same level on the products and services which you use. This demand asks for specialised companies with specialised personnel.

Marine Gears is such a specialised company.

Marine Gears is specialised in repairs and inspections of gearboxes.
Because of my seventeen years of experience I know that preventive inspection on gearboxes provide a higher continuity on the services which you provide. The chance that you have excessive wear or tooth crakes will be considerably smaller. With this the cost for repair will be considerably less.

If unfortunately there will be damage any way, Marine Gears will repair the gearbox fast so your vessel will be back in business again fast. With me your order gets my 100% personal attention from the beginning until the end. With my low overhead cost I will be able to get you back in business for an attractive competitive price.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Also if you just want to get to know me.

I will be at your service.

Ron van Riel